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Originally Posted by loulac View Post
It’s very difficult to track down the origins of huevos de toros / couilles de taureau the deeper one digs the murkier it gets.

The variety found in the USA – at least one of them - followed a known path : in the 30’s a Spanish refugee near Bordeaux gave seeds to Roland, a well-known French tomato fan, and said they looked like huevos de toro but never added they were huevos de toros. French fans still make the distinction. Roland sent seeds to Dr Reinhard in Germany, who sent some to Carolyn in the US. Of course there may be other sources.

In Spain the owner of the site tne town of Jaen insists he is the sole seller of the genuine variety. He refuses to sell seeds but the tomatoes he sells at outrageous prices have some.

Tomatovilians who read Spanish may have a look at ... -toro.html
or see Victoria Abril a well-known actress in Spain at ... 80425.html.
. A lady of Spanish origin living in France recently went to Jaen and will tell me if she has been able to find some seeds.

Now let me ask MrBig46 to help me.
Another Spanish refugee near Toulouse brought his own seeds that were so successful that were kept from generation to generation.. I was given seeds,. I named that tomato Dominico in memory of the man who brought them, of course not an official name. The plant is more than 6 feet tall, extremely productive, gives big red tomatoes. If MrBig or anyone one else can identify them from the pictures information will be welcomed.

I add two pictures of the seeds Roland sent me. I call them Cdt Roland which can be understood in French as Commander Roland of course without the vulgarity of CDT which definitely can’t be used in a restaurant or on a market-place if children are present !
Loulac, You know very well that you and I disagree on your version of Huevos de Taureau yet you talked Gary Ibsen of tomatofeast into your version and he posted it.

Ilex, from Spain, has been posting here quite a bit lately and has said that there's more than one variety called Huevos de Taureau and we agree it was the red one that made it's way to France where Roland Robin renamed it. There is nothing to confirm your refugee story viz tomatoes you had Gary put up at Tomatofest. Refugees yes,

What I did was to contact a person I know who is fluent in French and she posted at a major site in France where Roland was at the time and asked for the background on it, and then translated to English and e-mailed me those translations.

Ilex is also an SSE member and lists 73 varieties and I've already contacted him about getting more.

You might also remember that it was you and Gary and myself who were on a shared e-mail and the next thing I know he puts up your version and when I try to contact him he is not available.

Here is your version from Tomatofest,

You never even mention Huevos de Toro and yes, Roland Robin did receive it as Huevos de Toro , it turned out to be the red one and yes, it was he who renamed it to Couilles de Taureau.

All I know use the abbreviation CdT for it so the ones you said Roland sent you would be Couilles de Taureau, not CDT, to which you gave another name and different translation.

Having Ilex from Spain here has clarified a lot of issues and he's been very helpful to Vladimir in the Czech Republic, as you know, who has been gowing out many varieties from Spain.

And I look forward myself to seeing what he sends me via his listings, for SSE members only, and have made some general suggestions but have said to him that it's his final choice,

I didn't really want to post this but I had what we call a bad taste in my mouth after you and Gary decided to cut me out of any discussion and when I tried to both call and e-mail Gary there was no response and I decided to let it go, b'c whatever is said it's a darn good variety.

I must admit when I saw your post that it brought back to me some very unpleasant memories.

If you have anything to say to me about the above,you can e-mail me, I'm sure you still have my e-mail address, or you can PM me here at Tville.

In any case I do not want to see in this thead any discussions between us about the red Huevos de Taureau, Couilles de Taureau or your refugee story based on the English translations sent back to me from France.

Perhaps it's possible that we both know part of the story but I disagree completley that the origin of Couilles de Taureau, nee the red Huevos de Taureau are what you refer to as "murky".

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