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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
Just letting you know that I found the reports sent back to me by my friend and Roland's real name is Alain Robin, and he also posts as Diego, and Roland said he got CdT from his Spanish neighbor who had renamed it Cdt and had said nothing about being a refugee and Alain lives in Aquataine, france and his website is the jardin one which I had known about before.

So I was wrong about Roland renaming it, it was his Spanish neighbor who did so ,in French of course.

And the whole connection with Huevos was brought up at Tomodori from a good friend of the person getting back to me with reports and her name is Conchita, from Spain.

I'm wondering now if Ilex knows her since she was represented to me as perhaps an expert on Spanish tomato varieties.

It took me a while to find all those reports back from France and read all of them, but I'm glad I did.And there's more in those reports that I'm not going to post except to say that perhaps the name Sebastian might be familiar to you as well if you read at Tomodori as well as at Jardin.

Carolyn, who agrees that enough has been said about this topic.
Conchita knows more about Huevos de Toro than I do.

I've seen a few under that name, an oxheart, a big beefsteak, a quite bland tasting one I grew once, and the one below. And of course, the one that came from Spain via France. Maybe one or two more but that's not very clear in my mind right now.

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