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I appreciate all the feedback. Lisa your zone is similar to mine, good to hear you don't require much (or any) spraying. I'm OK spraying some, I just don't want a weekly extra spraying job to do, especially when tomato spraying has to be done. Based on posts here and reading more, it seems as if the spraying required is spread out--dormant spraying, bud swell, then maybe after for bugs a couple times. That would be OK. I love growing tomatoes, but the leaf pruning and spraying for foliage disease can get kinda old after you've been doing it for a couple months.

I still have plenty of time to think about this. Maybe just doing 1 tree and seeing how it goes is a good plan, especially because we're not looking for storing peaches, but mainly fresh eating. I'm going to read some local extension documents about fruit tree growing. I'm also considering dwarf apples. But I'm guessing apples have similar requirements to peaches in terms of spraying and disease/bug pressures.

We do have Japanese Beetles as well and man do I hate those things. They really showed up en mass about 7 years ago and the first two years were really bad. Since then they are still an issue but not to the level they were when first arriving.
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