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For fermentation I use grape leaves and cut the blossom end. Best in the cooler temps
of Sept in NY. Basement at 62-65 is perfect. D

Did not know sour cherry leaves were tannic.

I use the same whole seed spice mix, don't care for the store bought that has cloves
and cinnamon. I use lots of garlic and a sliced smallish horseradish root.
The horseradish leaves can be used as well as loose plain black tea leaves.
Grape, horseradish, tea leaves help keep the crispness. Cooler temps slow down the
fermentation so you can decide just how you like them.

I don't have a big cucumber harvest to do much more that a gallon crock. I get a long
harvest growing many varieties that keep us in fresh eating and the fresh fridge
method for snacking.

Many ways to enjoy our harvest. And no, mine do not 'just taste like vinegar'.

We also have not lost our love of fermentation. A whole section here about preserving
our harvest and a big one Worth started on fermentation.

...and these Guys in NYC...
Love their New Pickles.
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