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[QUOTE=bower;698290]I've grown peppers near oregano (but not in the same bed) and I thought it was a happy combo. The oregano is just the right height to create a little windbreak for the peppers, and it hosts beneficials too.
But oregano is not what I'd call a light feeding companion... it doesn't spread by runners but the roots will fan out and dig deep, and will end up exploiting the ferts you put for peppers. What I did was to dig out a part of the oregano roots, leaving a trench which I then filled with bigger rocks, and made my bed and pepper row on the other side of the rocks. That worked fine for me, and maybe 3? I think, years later, the oregano is still nicely contained as a hedge and is not invading the vegetable beds. So if I were you I 'd use something to wall it off from your veggies below ground.[/QUOTE

Good to know! It's hard to see in the photo, but that landscape timber area is no more than 4X4. Maybe a cucumber instead with lots of 10-10-10, or park a pot there.

- Lisa
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