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Steve - if your still monitoring the thread -- or other knowledgeable individuals LOL.

Do you use vacuum relief valves to keep dirt particles from siphoning back into the system when it shuts off? If I bury the tape in this fine sand, I think that might be a problem. I found the valves at the Drip Store but not much instructions - just says install at "high points."
Do I need one at every row valve or just one at the highest point, which is the main supply line at the well?

Without the valves does it actually plug the emitters and ruin the tape for good, or will it blow the emitters clean when it starts-up again? In which case, I could just open the end of each row now and then and flush water through it? This is complicated by the fact that I made my main zone too big and the well doesn't keep-up. The pressure pump goes on and off frequently while the compressor catches-up - which would preclude a manually operated relief valve.


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