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Originally Posted by MrBig46 View Post
You forgot to mention that you are trading with seeds of rarer varieties. Not directly, but only a participant can get seed (eg Latah) only when attending your training (very expensive). Nobody knows anything about your research.
What is so special about Latah,it and many other early varieties were also bred by Dr.Boe

I've grown Latah and don't like it at all,I also grew another one of his called Sandpoint

Which I really didn't like at all , seeds from Glenn at Sandhill,and it was a bit a joke between us when I would send him seeds for trial ,he'd ask if anything there that tastes like Sandpoint.

Finally he asked if his wife Linda if she would coat some Latah fruits with dark chocolate and send them to me and I said no,all I would do would be to eat the dark chocolate and leave the rest.

Merek, I checked out your website and very nicely done,here is the link for others if they want to take a look

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