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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
I've grown 3 of the 4 Stupike ones, two bred for glass house growing and two for outside growing.

But I much prefer


The history of how Stupice, as it was called here in the US came here is also interesting, at least to me.

Much of the history shown in the above link there was from Vladimir,also from the Czech Republic as you know.Additional info from Sahin Seeds in the Netherlands from Kes Sahin, whose parent were from Czechkoslovakia. Sahin Seeds was bought out by another Co after Kees passed away.
He could never remember the time difference and would call me at 3 AM with his booming voice to discuss this and that, and yes he also sent me some wonderful dark chocolate from the Netherlands as well.

His passion was really peonies and he had the largest collection of them in the world. I still miss him very much .

About your cross of Latah with a pimp and wondering how delicious the F1 might taste like. Knowing the many pimps I've grown as well as Latah, so you are expecting or hoping for something Delicous? I wouldn't.

Are you going to try to maintain it as an F1,or are you going to save seeds and see how genetic segregation might work out for you with additional plant outs?

So Matina is your favourite one between early varieties?

Stupice is favourite of Carol Deppe who writes about the variety in her books The Resilient Gardener (now translated to czech) and The Tao of Vegetable Gardening. It is fascinating to see how more than half century old czechoslovakian variety is still valued in the world:-)

Yes, I am expecting and hoping something delicious will arise from my cross, because the pimp Hawaiian currant involved in the cross is exceptionally sweet tomato. My intention is to select the new stable variety with as much earliness and flavour as possible
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