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Originally Posted by oakley View Post
That's to bad. I think a good approach is to take a pic right out of the box delivered asap
and send it to them.
On their 'about' page the pics of their sending operation does not work. Pics of their
plants, etc.

I almost ordered a couple years ago since it is just a bit far for me to travel.

Bummer. Don't like sent plants that are so far off what is advertised. Rarely buy live
plants on-line except for a few fruit trees now and then. Always had good luck. My
Meyer lemon was packed amazingly well and much better than the pic on their site.
As it should be, similar, but did not expect better.
I have been there when they had a new shipment of citrus plants on benches. they were very nice plants. there vegetable starts? whole other story.
carolyn k
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