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The bottom line of ANY business is customer service.

Eons back I was the saleswoman for a company that stood by its products so well that we guaranteed your money back for as long as you owned it. If you didn't like it anymore, for whatever reason, we offered to buy it back at the price you paid or we would replace it with a new one.

We sold custom made quilts, table linens, curtains, wall hanging, pillows and tzotchka whatnots. The linens and drapes, etc. were pricey enough, but a custom quilt could be $2k or higher, sometimes taking a year or more to produce. When a new customer walked into the shop I told them our service policy right up front--honesty sells plenty and our customer service brought new people through referrals.

IMHO, if you treat your customers like crap, they're not coming back, and even worse, they tell a dozen people about their bad experiences with your business. A satisfied customer tells less than five people, but those five act as good referals too. Bad news travels fast, good references travel far.

You have to please your heart and mind before you are comfortable enough to open your wallet. If you're not satisfied with any company, online or in your face, don't use them.
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