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Originally Posted by ChrisK View Post
Sorry, one little point of you add the bleach to a gallon of water or bring the vol up to a gallon ie do you end up with 128 oz or 133 oz?

Just curious b/c I'm doing the dilution calc for my 3% hypochlorite brand X bleach. It's about 0.32% final concentration of hypochlorite in your spray. I need ~13 oz bleach per gallon.

Tried it tonight on a few plants, we'll see how it goes. A couple of dwarfs have some kind of foliage disease. And PM is starting on the zukes and cukes.
Wow that is some weak bleach. That is one reason I use the Clorox brand because one bottle goes a long way used this way. They always list their formula on the label and some brands don't even do that and they change from bottle to bottle. I have run into some inconsistencies in the batches from some of the off brands and if you happen to get some that is much stronger than the label states then you could do some damage to your plants without even knowing why.

I would estimate to match the old formula I use you would need to add 14 ounces of the weaker bleach you have to a full gallon of water. The 13 ounces you used should give you enough for it to be effective and no harm in trying it a bit weaker the first time anyway. You will probably see some changes by this afternoon especially on the Powdery Mildew. I hate that stuff. It is the bane of growing cukes and squash down here with our very high humidity. It needs to be treated very early to stop it and not damage the plants because it spreads so fast.

I add the bleach to a full gallon of water. The reason I figured it that way is I have put marks on my translucent sprayer tank for gallons and half gallons and it is so much easier for me to measure that way.

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