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Hi! It was just beautiful outside today.I was wishing I had a chance to get out there and plant a few tomatoes, but all I had time to do was water everything.The Jasmine is starting to bloom and smells wonderful.Diana, it's great to meet another Davisite.I'm in south Davis.That's a great list you're growing-lots of my faves.I am trying out Beauty King and Tie Dye Berkeley this year for the first time.I've loved growing tomatoes and can't believe I just found this group this year.Feel very out of the loop,lol!I think I've missed out on some great gatherings and am hoping there's a get together at Wild Boar Farms as I'd love to see it-hint hint and not the least bit subtle about it, amI? I have quite a few seedlings and would happily share with you, Diana, though it sounds like I should not even tempt you.You are showing great restraint-I'm quite impressed.I overstuff my beds I think.I gave away a number of plants to some of the women in my running group.That was fun to find other gardeners.There's a difference between what I grow as seedlings and what I end up having room for in the ground but I like to give them away.My favourite tomatoes last year were Marvel Stripe and Green Pineapple.I'm growing both again and I'll also grow the ananas noire and Pineapple as well as Golden Pineapple and Hawaiian Pineapple which are probably the same type of tomato.I'm growing Japanese Black Trifle, Brad's Black oxheart,Carbon, Paul Robeson, Black from Tula, Black Prince,Black Brandywine, Black Cherry, Black Zebra, and probably more than a few others.Green tomatoes is Green Zebra, Charlies Green, Spears Green, Green Moldovan,Green Giant,a green with a Russian name I won't even attempt to recall, and one or two that aren't coming to mind.Asleep yet? Yellow is Halfmoon China, Wapsipinicon Peach, Hughes,Lillians Heirloom,among others.I love the flavours of the yellow and red striped or mottled tomatoes, like the Pineapple types and Hillbilly and Marvel Stripe.I'm most excited about trying Jewel Of Oaxaca as I've heard it's wonderful on the Baker Creek forum and it's a striped tomato.I'm also trying Orange Stripe and Chocolate Stripe this year. I also got seeds from Baker C for the Italian Tree tomato-just for fun.I could go on like this all night.I'm thinking maybe if I plant this weekend I will use the WOWs.The nights have been a bit chilly and I heard that the WOWs really help.It gets down into the low 40's at night, What do you all think? Still need them or not? I have a few cloche I am going to try with the cucumber seedlings I have.Still too early?Just wondering....Chai
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