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Great, Diana, I was hoping you'd reply to my post! It's fun to be meeting other gardeners in Davis now.I am going to also be helping a friend who is in the Davis Gardening club and has a large plot out at the community gardens.She wanted a gardening buddy to help with her community plot and I am excited about doing that.Don't you love Davis freecycle? I got a beautiful patio table and 6 chairs from there this year.We felt as though we'd won a grand prize,lol! Thanks for the advice on the WOWs. I think I may try a few just to see if the plant grows any faster, just to compare, especially with the one tomatillo I am growing.Last year the plant got big, had a few flowers but somehow, the season was over and no tomatillos.So we'll see.I'm hoping for a good year. If you'd like some cukes or squash plants let me know! and yes, hopefully we'll get to Brad's and I'd love to carpool. take care, have fun gardening-Chai
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