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Here is the link to the list I have of plants for sale just so I don't have to retype everything here. My sale starts the day after the swap so if anyone sees anything they would like me to bring them let me know as I obviously can't bring some of everything but will try to bring a couple for anyone who requests specific ones, as long as everyone doesn't want the same thing since some varieties I have as few as three plants of and need to keep at least one for myself. And I haven't updated the list with newer plantings as I wasn't sure if they would be big enough to list for my sale (4 inch pots) but I'm sure they would be at least nice 6 pack size and I could bring those too so if I don't have it and you are looking for it let me know and I'll check. I'm not sure if it's on my list but I also have Blush if anyone is interested.
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