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Originally Posted by Spartanburg123 View Post
Wow, absolutely gorgeous setup!! How do you keep the pollen falling, do you have fans, bees, or a giant electric toothbrush? Best of luck Mark!!
The best way to ensure pollination in a greenhouse is to keep the humidity low. The pollen just falls out, and finger flick on a flower results in a micro pollen cloud. lol

Rainy weather for weeks makes it harder to keep the humidity down, the cold air outside makes that even harder because we have heaters blowing and that raises humidity too. Venting the greenhouse a couple times a day helps some in these situations. Floor covering or concrete really helps too it keeps the moisture in the ground.
We have fans, don't want bees cross pollinating anything, I save a lot of seed every year. I will flick my trusses some, I have used a toothbrush too. In short, I usually don't have a fruit set problem when doing nothing but controlling the environment the best I can, and I use a tailored fertilizer program.

I had a cold root zone problem a few weeks ago, had some P lock up, Mg was alittle slow too. Now everything is moving right along, I will be sending in a leaf sample this week, we will see what the boss says at HG.

I think my Rebel Yell Mat-Su cross took, the immature flower was behind a couple of other flowers, but that tomato is the farthest along on the truss. Those may be interesting, the RY selection was fairly early, the MS donor, very early, nice looking fruit.
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