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I've got some smoked caplin in the freezer here in NY. I use it like sardines....thaw, smash, and add to seafood chowders.

I feel the same way about the tomato stash. Use it up and salivate for the summer harvest.

I even have a few bergie-bits in the freezer
Wild blueberries are plentiful and the wild cranberry...(loganberry ?). Bakeapple tastes like fish to me. Fish eggs. We motored out to Anthony Is off Irelands Eye a couple yrs ago where a friend grew up before resettlement. Buckets of bakeapple.

Our last kitchen party was lobster. NYShell steak medallions i packed in heirloom tomato
'ice' in one of the coolers. Surf-n-turf.

What is dog-berry? ...loganberry?

When we left our rhubarb was ankle high and about to explode. We have a mink family in our store. (wood shed). Word is a mink farmer gave up yrs ago and let them go....they seem good at hiding and don't bother much. My garden is full of fish bodies
as a neighbor was using our yard for potatoes up until a year ago. We have the only basement in the village so they store their crops down there winter months.
One Christmas i heard ker-plunk, ker-plunk, thinking the plumbing was troubled. Went to the basement, outside door...our neighbor was sorting his potatoes....
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