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Originally Posted by Direct Sunlight View Post
That's good to know. I'm not watering them very often now (2 times a week) but they look happy except for some yellowing leaves on top. I've been giving them more water than the pumpkins, because if I don't the leaves wilt by the time I get to the next watering. I'm estimating there are about 75 husks growing on each plant now, approximately double of what there was last weekend. How big do they get, and how do you know when to pick them? I looked on this forum and another one but didn't find that info.
How big they get depends on what variety you are growing? The husks turn tan when they are ripe but truthfully, you can pick them any time and they will ripen. Some of the varieties are sweeter, the "gold" for instance is much sweeter than regular tomatillos. The biggest ones are "Grand Maje" & "Cisneros". They get about the size of a tangerine.

Here is a GREAT article about tomatillos:
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