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Originally Posted by clara View Post
Carolyn, perhaps I was a bit too hasty to say that my Herodes was red - perhaps it was pink, I can't say for sure as I didn't check the epidermis. It was my first year growing Herodes. You know I couldn't take care of my tomatoes for some weeks and when I was able to do it again, there were only rotten tomatoes on that plant - I didn't even taste them, but tossed them away as they were looking too disgusting. My apologies for a possible confusion.

I have no other infos on it other than the one I already gave you from the seed package. As I don't speak Czech, Vladimir can surely better provide you with infos or perhaps Gunnar.

Sorry again! clara
Clara, nothing to be sorry about at all.

I do think it comes down to checking the epidermis when in doubt, especially with new varieties, if clear, the fruit is pink, and if yellow, the fruit is red, and using a known red and a known pink as controls is the way to go.

I'll have you know that I first listed Anna Russian many years ago in the RED section, b/c it looked RED to me, of course it's pink, but way back then I knew nothing about checking epidermis colors, but I sure learned how to do it.

Your translations say a pink heart and that's what the person who grew Herodes got and she did check the epidermis.

So all seems well in Herodes land except I'd still like to know, if possible if Moravo seeds offers just varieties that are bred by them or others or if Herodes is a family heirloom.

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