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Originally Posted by MrBig46 View Post
Carolyn, I attempt to account you, why it isn´t conceviable, in order to determinante Stupices existed.
1.Czech tomato with name Stupice practically don´t exist . This is only shortcut name for Stupické polní rané or Stupické skleníkové- both indeterminante. It is no determinante tomato with name Stupice or with atribute Stupické in card index of ÚKZÚZ. Hereat the same edict as apply in EU today applayed in Czechoslovakia from 1950- somebody mustn´t carry the seeds, which aren´t written in book of types.
2.There are no determinante Stupice in Czech genobank in Olomouc too.
3.There are many Czech determinante tomatoes (from that age) , but they all name else- for example Vrbičanské nízké, Olomoucké nízké, etc.

In the morning I becomingly clothed, I bought the bouquet of flowers (about six dollars) and I went to ÚKZÚZ for Ing. Lefnerová ( Expert for DUS Testing of Vegetable). I got card index of tomatoes (about 500 card) and I began the browsing. About in five minutes came a lady, according the demenaour „Big chief“. My inquisition began. What I want, why, for whom. She accord me to copy only two documents about Stupice. When I said her that I plant old heirloom tomatoes, she said me, that I prey seeds firms and she instanter came off. I feeled as before 1989 year. I remembered on Ing. Řičicová.

I have copies of these documents:
The registration new cultivation of tomato to the speeding in greenhouse „R 14“ (Stupické skleníkové).
The begin of cultivation 1945year. The registration: Stupice 22.12.1949 The homologation: 1954.
Cultivator: fy Selecta (Jaroslav Homola)

2. The registration new cultivation of tomato type 27-M (Stupické polní rané)

The begin of cultivation 1943 year. The registration: Praha 10.12.1946
The homologation: 1955. Cultivator: fy Selecta
I cannot get this copies here, but can post them by mail, if somebody has interest.
In post #26 here you wrote Stupice, so I did too, which is the english way of referring to Stupike, and I think I wrote earlier in this thread that I was sent a pack of seeds from somewhere in Europe that had Stupike rani written on the pack.

I'm glad you did find a Stupike that was for glasshouse growing, b'c I knew there were two for glasshouse and two for field growing.

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