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Originally Posted by dmforcier View Post
Nice lug nut. Got a few of those myself.

Now I see where you were going with the stud. In order to secure the tool rest, you'll have to snug both the nut below the slide plate to lock the way runners, and the lug nut to lock the slide plate. Yes? But all with a single stud. Slick.

That is right and not only is the stud threaded into a 3/8 really hard plate in the bottom it has a washer, lock washer and a nut that will keep it from turning and add more holding power.
The lug nut was a dollar and one of the reasons I went with 1/2 20 threads.

I put it on the lathe and set it on the floor then extended it all the way out and jumped up and down on the end of the slide to try and break it.
Not gonna happen, it didn't even flex.
You can move it any way you want and everything slides like it is on greased glass.
Works better than factory.
The part where the slide runs on looks rough but it has bearing surfaces honed across it with low spots in it.
This allows oil to stay and lubricate it like the old flaking they did on machine surfaces.

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