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I really love cilantro, will go to extra trouble to get it to germinate in the summer. Germinating it in hot weather is the main challenge -- once you've coaxed it into germinating, it'll be fine. (But, as folks have said, it bolts fast in the heat, so do need to do succession sowings once a month.)

Folks already mentioned growing it in the shade... adding on to that:
-- I'll sometimes put the seed in the fridge or the freezer for a few days beforehand.
-- Sow seeds in the evening, water in with cold water.
-- After covering seeds with dirt, then shade the soil with burlap, brown paper bags, cardboard, etc. til the seedlings emerge (5-7 days). As soon as the seedlings emerge, take the burlap etc. off right away, otherwise the grasshoppers and other bugs that're also enjoying the shade under there will enjoy eating the blanched and tender seedlings...
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