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Originally Posted by Blueaussi View Post
How frustrating!

You can't use it unless you add an area of interest, but you can't add an area of interest without some file extension that I don't recognize. It will let you look up all the relevant data for my area, but it won't let me add it to the Area of Interest tab.
Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
Thanks Blueaussi, for your comments and sorry to hear about your frustration. Your post was helpful to me. I now know that I should inform folks they will need Adobe reader to open these “pdf”. Many folks probably have Adobe reader already installed on their computers. For those who don’t already have it and are getting an error message like the system doesn’t recognize this file or file extension, they can download the free version from Adobe here; Choose the free version and then uncheck extra stuff like McAfee.
Thanks again,

I realize this thread is a month old, but I just found it and it's fantastic!

Dutch, I suspect that Blueaussi might be talking about something different than what you described (Blueaussi, correct me if I'm wrong).

My particular county has three different listings, data in PDF form from 1910 and 1984, and the most current data, which takes you to a different site ( From there, I had the same issue that Blueaussi described, as the area of interest tab asks you to upload one of three file extensions, so if you don't have the proper file, you can't move on to the "soil map" tab.

That initially threw me off, but I found another way of doing it.

Skip the AOI tab and go down to Quick Navigation and click Soil Survey Area. Locate your state and county, which will let you know what data is available. Select the county, then hit the Set AOI button just below. That will highlight your county and will give you access to the Soil Map section.

While you're still in the "Area of Interest" section, just above the map, there are two icons, kind of in the middle next to "View Extent". You can use those to zoom into a specific section of the map. Then, go to the "Soil Map" section and find the 6 digit number of the section that you're interested in, which should be in orange.

That number will match up with a Map Unit Symbol and Unit Name, which will be located on the left and that will bring up the data.

Not sure if that solves the problem, but maybe it'll help out other people who read the thread.
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