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Lisa, I agree with you about the flowers. I'm growing Purslane with some of the peppers this year. Purslane is basically a weed here with pretty flowers. Very OP and they made a lot of seeds in the raised beds. The other flowering plants we have in the garden area are hybrid Lantanas. It just takes some cuttings to have a lot more of them. Then there are the invasive Morning Glories - they can become a pain quickly, but they are beautiful. The lantana and morning glories bring in the pollinators (Bees and butterflies). I'm not sure about the purslane.

I do always plant marigolds, but I sow them in ground. We have Black-eyed Susans that grow wild here - on this 11 acres there are hundreds of them or more. Lots of flowering cacti. I like any flower that is native, and there are too many that grow here to list.

I'm letting mother nature play her part, but as a human, I like to move them around.
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