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Ok thank you about the lights, if it is just a matter of economy I won't worry about that for now. The link was very interesting, thank you,

The reason I bought my light fixture is because it is a free standing fixture, I don't have to suspend anything from the ceiling or build a frame etc which I am not able to do. My fitting was very expensive but I would just like that bit more height and light. I do have a few single strip lights with little canopies on I think they are the t5 ones, I used to have them suspended on chains above my window sills, maybe there is some way I can add them to the fitting at the side or back.

I really want to grow more micro toms through the winter but sometimes they get just a bit too tall, the fitting works fine for anything that comfortable grows up to the 2 inches below the light then stays there. I can keep myself in salad greens with no problem, even a cucumber plant left to ramble across a tray works well

I was hoping to find a similar free standing fitting that would give me more height but I can't build anything. Thank you, the help has been great and some of my questions answered.
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