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OOps, missed two answers.

DM.. I just fastened a roll of aluminum foil across the back of one of my levels a few days ago. You mentioned your rack, can you describe it and tell mw what you are able to grow with it please.

Whistech, I agree a wee bit of touching won't matter but some of the micros totally outgrow the height I have. If I take one canopy and tray out I have double the height, the bar probably doesn't make much difference, but the plant is not surrounded by light it just has the bit at the top and I don't know if that is enough. The clamp on lights may well help with that though.

I have just measured the exact height I have from the floor of the base tray to the light and it is less than I thought, just 13 inches, so to get a pot with growing plant does not give me much height even for a micro tom. I have done it many times but end up discarding the ones that grow over the measure, the ones that stay tiny grow very well,.

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