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I agree that Park Seed really has issues in their internet orders. I ordered from Park for the first time last Fall. I was very interested to try out the "Bio-Dome" product. It stated the bio-dome will ship in Nov., but I only recd. it this Feb.
This item is imported from Holland, so it must have been shipped on a really slow boat to arrive so late. I also ordered an "APS24" seed starting system from Gardeners Supply Co. based on a recommedation from This system uses seed starter potting mix verses the bio-domes plugs to start your tomato seeds.
To test the two systems, I planted one seed in each cell/plug and each seed germinated in a few days. Boy was I happy, but after the seedlings began to grow the plants
in the APS were really taking off. The bio-dome plants were
like midgets. At the end of five weeks the APS plants are
hardened off and ready to plant out this weekend. The bio-dome plants are healthy ,but two weeks behind in maturity.
Does anymore else have comparisons growing seedlings in
seed starter mix verses grow plugs?
Thanks, JB
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