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Default Tomato Tasting

I waited late to determine if I could make it to the Tomato Tasting. I was late getting my tomatoes transplanted due to the heavy rains. When I did get them planted we began having extreme heat and the plants failed to pollinate . I do have a few tomatoes and have only been able to pick some cherry types. Looks like it is going to be three or four weeks before I am able to get anything. I hope to get a few for some seed saving. They were the best looking plants I have had in several years but now the blight seems to be taking hold of some of them.

Both Katharine and I continue to have major health problems. We don't get out on the 95/100 deg. days unless it is for getting to a doctor appointment or going to the drug store (they know us by our first names). : )

For some weeks I talked to several friends and family about any interest they might have in a trip to Cincinnati -- this is the IRON MAN weekend here in Louisville and other things which seem to draw folks out. I don't drive but short distances any more and Cincinnati is too far for me. So I am unable to make the "Tasting" this year. Perhaps I will be able to make it to the Spring gathering. The Kentucky Seed Exchange is October 1st in Berea, KY and I am hoping I can get to that event. Several friends have expressed interest in attending so I will be able to hitch a ride and be able to share gas cost with them.

Happy Gardening to us All!
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