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Originally Posted by rnewste View Post
What may have thrown me off was the fact that 4 of the 10 had sent up a seed pod shoot. I had understood to pull them prior to them going to seed. True?

Okay if that happened it is over big time.
Many things can make this happen early.
Normally an onion will not put out a seed pod until I think its sixth leaf or so.
If there is a temperature swing in the middle of the first year it will do the same thing because it thinks it went through one winter.
Each leaf is a layer in the onion.
You want to get that onion to put on as many leaves as it can before the daylight hours get to the length it takes for it to start bulbing up.
If a storm hits and knocks down all of the plants during this time it ruins the crop like it did mine last year.
I dont care what anyone may think or read stomping down and cutting off tops does NOT make bigger onions.
Normally an onion here gets around 13 to 14 leaves on it before it starts to bulb.
A long daylight onion here will just keep putting on leaves and never bulb up.
And yes when the onions are falling over and dying it is time to pull.
Or you can leave them in the ground here and pick fresh in the fall and winter on into the spring when it cools and they come back up.
I still want to do an indoor monster onion with grow lights.
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