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Default Dr Earth products

This is first year that I have been using Dr Earth compost and garden soil. I never used it before because it is darn expensive. I mean really expensive. In some cases 50% more expensive than even other organic products. I saw it at the garden center and paid $12 (ouch!) for one bag of compost.

Since this stuff is expensive I used it sparingly. I trenched the tomatoes, when I planted, in 2-3 good sized scoops of the compost. When I planted seeds, I dug a hole, or small trench, and filled with the compost.

The plants really took off. I put my tomato plants in about mid May, and they are really getting huge. My gardening friend, at the community garden, put his in at the same time. His plants were about the same size, and he also trenched them. The main difference is that he used that MiracleGro blue crap when he watered them.

Mine are well over a foot high, and look like trees. His haven't grown hardly at all. I have never had tomatoes three weeks into the ground ready to be staked, and put in cages because they are flopping over, flowering, and forming tomatoes. They are easily 3-4 times the size of my friend's plants. The stuff I seeded in this stuff have taken off the same way. Huge monster sized (for this early in the year) squash plants and cucumbers.

I agree that weather this has been really good, but I have looked at the other gardens, and my plants are farther along.

I'm really pleased.
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