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Default Odd result in the F2

I can't post pictures at this time but I'm having an 'odd' result in the F2. I crossed Opalka X 97L97. Opalka is a large pointed heirloom indeterminate paste type and 97L97 is a determinate paste colored orange because it carries the B gene.

The F1 seemed to be as expected, there was slight size differences in fruit size and shape between the plants, but all the plants were indeterminate, orange colored, and about the size of 97L97.

I expected significant variation in the F2. I got them in late after significant groundhog damage, so none have ripened yet. I expected size variation, and some shape variation but all 7 of my F2s appear to be small, nippled ,longer than wide fruit that are much smaller than either original parent. I guess I have a problem with cross pollination, but is there any other thoughts why I would be seeing this? I would think I would see more variation given the F1 parent was a hybrid. The fruits thus far seem almost identical like I was at an F5 or something.

Please post any ideas you may have.
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