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Everything came out of the early lack of blooms and is doing quite well. I sold $400 of tomatoes at market this week, which is my best week ever. That is still a paltry sum for someone trying to make money, but almost all of that production came off about 200 row-feet of plants, which is a tiny bit of space for a market garden.

This year has been the wettest summer in recorded history for my location. It turned out to be a great year to go no-till. My mom and stepdad have a couple acres of land in garden...and I just made four times what they made this week. We had seven inches of rain just this week alone, and they can't get into the field to harvest their crops, at least the stuff that hasn't rotted from all the rain. They also can't keep the grass out of their gardens. As soon as they till, it rains, and all the grass comes back again.

I think I'm finally going to convert them to doing things my way. My stepdad is green with envy that I am making more money than him. Instead of using their new tractor to till everything they can, when the summer is over, I am going to use it over the winter to build our new no-till beds.
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