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I've been reading this with interest because I am following a simular path. Dr Carey Reams developed a balanced mineral ratio for soil ( don't have in front of me now) which when achieved (based on LaMotte soil test) helps to produce nutrient dense crops. It is proven based on Brix testing and the general overall health of the crops.
The whole picture is not presented in this thread.The ratios of available calcium to phosphate, and phosphate to potash is what John Frank was referring to when talking about not adding compost because of the K content of it. Too much K makes the balance unobtainable, and once in the soil,you would have to start over on new ground.
I have been studying these methods for a few years now, and have been implementing them in my backyard garden. I was hoping others here were also so I may gain more insight into the actual practice of RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization). I have noticed some incredible gains in my garden the last couple of seasons and I believe it is due to these principles.
Does anyone Brix test their fruit? Or plant sap? Or have any recipes that raise Brix in their plants? I would love to hear about it.
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