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I tried for true seed from cut scapes one year, but didn't get any seeds. I did plant a lot of the bulbils I removed but they were not as good as bulbils matured on the scape as without wrappers many of them shrivelled up. Be prepared for a long wait, the process took months (but I enjoyed having the flowers in the house all the same). In hindsight, if I try again I will cut the scapes longer, and perhaps use sugar water as one expert recommended (as florists do) to make sure there's enough nutrients to make the seeds. Our summer is not at all long enough to grow garlic seed in the field. Even for bulbils, the scapes have to be harvested before they are full grown and the capsule beginning to open, as it is getting frosty well before they reach that stage. So I cut them when I have to, and let them mature indoors until planting time.
Growing out bulbils is a great method for increasing your stock and getting new varieties. I'm doing this every year now in addition to my crop garlic planting. The Music which is now part of my general crop was grown up from bulbils in a few years, and I'm very happy with it!
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