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Originally Posted by decherdt View Post
Just mowed our winter cover and transplanted some broccoli through it, no till, with a new hoe handle S&J fork, thanks. (soil temp 65 in Feb!!) How's the knee doing?
Sounds great.You bought the same one I have.Works out great.Knee is not doing bad,a little sore the last two day as we have had rain and then snow.Temps in the 30's during the day.I did a 4 mile walk Saturday in damp weather but the temperature was 40.Sunday only got 3 miles in as we had wind and rain.Need to get more endurance from walking.I was looking at my cover crop today and it's as green as if it's summer.I'm going to do the same.Mow it a few times starting in mid April and plant into it last week of May.After the soil warms up I put a 5 or 6 inch layer of straw for the summer mulch.Thanks for asking about my knee,you made my day!
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