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In the process of beginning my first Hugel. Because of the river rock soil, I opted to peel the sod up, dig a shallow bed and lay in cut Aspen logs from last year. I am jealous of your soil - looks fairly rock free. I am just down the street towards the Big Wood.

One concern I have is the logs are still too green, but I have a lot of wood this year so figured it was worth the attempt. The less rotted wood may impact the mound in the first year but hopefully added nitrogen sources will offset.

On top and in between the log layer I plan on layering hot chicken manure/litter to provide a nitrogen source, some kitchen scraps and the sod I pulled. Then aspen and willow branches, leaf mulch, sod, scraps, branches, compost and soil.

It will be more of a mound but looking forward to it slowly breaking down over the next few years and improving. Planning on doing a squash as well.
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