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Originally Posted by bower View Post
I read somewhere that onions should be stored in the dark to prevent sprouting. That is as well as being cool and dry. Those are great looking onions. I only grew a few last year, they were late and didn't cure really well (too many fat necks) but in any case I didn't have enough to worry about long storage.... nor to follow Worth's doctor's advice.
I don't think I'm going off-topic, but if if I am - I do apologise.

I have read that too, and the same about potatoes. But after thinking about it both will eventually grow eyes/leaves if left out in the light. However, if you bury either one - they'll produce plants even faster...when the weather/soil gets cool enough.

So far, those onions have lasted 4 months in that open-faced barn in Texas heat and only one has grown leaves...and it's a white onion (Not pictured). The yellow onions in the picture I shared are Texas 1015Y . The internet sites disagree with shelf life, but I've seen them only last a couple of months. ...I don't know, but something good/fun to think about.

jhp, those are wonderful looking onions.

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