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Default Short day vs Intermediate onions

This is my second year of growing bulbing onions and I grow my plants from seed just like I do my scallions (in market packs under lights). This past October I set out Red Creole (short day) and Australian Brown (intermediate day) as I did Oct '16. They both produced beautiful onions. However, the Red Creole bolted last spring and they're starting to bolt now. The Browns didn't bolt last year and so far haven't this year.

I think it has to do with the weather. Both last year and this year we had really warm Februarys with highs in the 70's. Then in both Marches we ran into several 5-7 day stretches of highs in the upper 30's-low 40's before it warmed up nicely again. My guess is that the onions thought they had gone through winter again and decided it was time to set seed.

Should I try a different short day this fall to replace Red Creole? The current plan for this fall is to just grow the Australian Brown, also try another intermediate and forget the short day onions. Maybe intermediates are more tolerant of temp swings?

I only grow two 18' rows of onions as I have limited storage space to keep them cool. Of course, bolted onions won't store well anyway according to what I've read. I had them start going bad even before they were cured enough to store.

Any input would be appreciated!
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