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Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
I think deer attractants will attract more deer.

But in my experience, deer will take the easy way out. If there is an easy to access tasty food source, they'll take that over a hard to get to food source. Whatever is along the deer path will get eaten.

But in times of scarcity, like during a drought, the deer will go to great lengths to get to a food source. So maybe a deer plot would keep them where you want them. A big field with large perennial clover, or some perennial deer mix, might be good. Plant stuff that can survive grazing.


At the end of my property, is a "bottom"". Rather downhill from the proposed orchard area. Its grown up and a mess, but it would probably make for a decent stand, once it was worked over.

Next year it might be turned into something. Too much on my plate as it is.
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