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Originally Posted by brooksville View Post
Bill do you see a noticeable difference between TTF and TT Veg formula? We are currently using TTF for everything with superb results. We did not use it for 2 seasons, we tried another liquid fert. That, coupled with starting seeds with soft water, have prevented us from making a crop for 2 summers. We are back! I am excited too!
I see a very big difference on some things and not so much on others. For heavy feeders that need more nitrogen like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, melons, cucumbers, and greens the new Vegetable formula has been dynamite. I have had somewhat better luck with it on onions and peppers also. I sometimes give the Vegetable formula to my tomatoes early to get them growing a bit faster before they start blooming heavily when I switch to TTF. About mid season when the plants get that fading look after that first few clusters of heavy fruit production I might give them a dose of Vegetable formula to give them a boost before resuming weekly feedings of TTF.

I have been sold on TTF since I first compared it side by side on tomatoes with Miracle Grow. Both produced nice big healthy plants but the fruit set difference was amazing. In areas with less heat and humidity it might not be as dramatic but down here fruit set can be very challenging. Already we have seen temps well into the 90s and the nights are heating up dramatically so I can't slack up on the TTF. When the midsummer heat begins this early I have found that keeping the feedings regular makes a huge difference in fruit set. I have seen and read that fruit set on tomatoes is almost impossible when night time temps are high along with really hot humid days but with regular applications of TTF I get good fruit set during the hottest weather even in the doldrums of mid and late summer. There are exceptions in that some varieties are much better at setting fruit in the hot weather than others so with my staggered planting dates I take into account the varieties that do better in hot weather when starting seed that will go out after May.

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