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Been looking out of curiosity about what indexing plate it would take to cut 91 and 127 tooth gears.
None of mine will do it.
Found an on line calculator to see if I could come up with the right plate with the right amount of holes to do it.
None will do it.
I came to the conclusion it would have to be compound indexing where you not only use the holes but turn the plate too.
No way can I do that.
Then I found old manuals from years ago where they di do such a thing.
Something they dont do anymore.
It is some really old school stuff involving a lot of math.

Here is a link to an old book on indexing with more information than you would ever want.
I ended up in a rabbit hole about helical indexing in another old book from the late 1800's.
You can start from the beginning if you want.
This is how they did it before computers and the reason it is here.;seq=79
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