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Default Thanks for sharing your seed for a worthwhile cause.....

Thanks to those of you who shared your excess sliced tomatoes with me at the end of the Tomato Tasting – Earl, Jerry, Ray, Mark, Maria, Dave, Susan and Kelli.. This was almost three gallons of seed to process; it the most of any I have ever processed at one time. Most of these were medium to large varieties and will go to my Appalachian Heirloom Tomato Project and to Trudi at WinterSown if she would take them. No doubt, these seed are some of the Best Of The Best. They will be shared with elderly/poor in the mountains. Regardless the mix being unnamed varieties, they will feed many folks. What’s in a name when you are hungry? Others who have good varieties of mixed medium/large varieties who would care to share seed
for this project are welcome.
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