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Originally Posted by pmcgrady View Post
Appearntly our Govenor just signed a bill today, making it legal to grow industrial hemp in Illinois...
We're can I buy seeds?

Lots of them!
Same here in NY State,doing it for maybe about 3 years now.

Those interested had to apply to some state office and answer all sorts of questions since only four places to dispense it were allowed

Considering the many uses for hemp, as noted in the above link, it's no wonder why so many wanted the franchises.

No problem getting seeds for hemp as the above links show.

Carolyn, who when she first moved to where she is right now and was growing lots of tomatoes off rt 153 near her,would be picking tomatoes,look up and see a helicopter hovering above her.Told her brother and he said it's just one of the DEC helicopters checking you out to be sure you weren't growing weed. They also flew at night and had some kind of infrared,or whatever,that would make the plants glow. No problem this year since all I have are 10 Bonnie plants out there next to my home that someone else takes care of for me.
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