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Originally Posted by Ken B View Post
I love ground cherries! I'm with Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, we carry a couple kinds (Cossack Pineapple and Goldie). A few years ago we did a small trial patch where we compared those two with three other ones -- one was Yantar, I forget the name of the other two -- and was disappointed to find there wasn't much obvious difference between all of them. Seems like there should be some more "different" kinds out there somewhere; since they're related to tomatillos, I'd like to think that somewhere out there there's a purple ground cherry variety, seems like that should be a natural color variation.
I get seeds from Southern Exposure. That's where the Cossack Pineapple came from. We were at a tomato tasting in Decorah for Seed Savers Exchange, and they had several kinds of ground cherries. That one was by far the best in flavor. Really sweet. Of course the tomato varieties were unreal. My husband was in heaven. They had a homemade salsa competition too. That was wonderful! The whole day was incredible. Highly recommend it if you ever come this way.
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