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Originally Posted by SEAMSFASTER View Post
If you do a Google search for "golden berries" you'll hit on all kinds of websites trying to sell you dried Inca berries/cape gooseberries. I did not get enough fruits to try drying them last year, but people have told me they are very tasty - like candy.

The flavor of the fresh fruits is very intense and quite different from Aunt Molly's.

With a 176-day growing season, I think I'm about at the lower limit for being able to get much production out of Inca berries. Those with a significantly shorter growing season will likely get nothing without some supplemental heat, greenhouse or high tunnel.

I planted my first round on January 6th this year. Some of those seeds are still germinating. Here are the latest pics of some of the larger seedlings.

Inca Berry seedlings -

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry seedlings -

I Appreciate you showing the picture of the Ground Cherries plants. Maybe people can look around the yards, garden & famers to see if the plants are growing there.
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