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Angel Field Farms Interview with Hawaiian Farmers February 2015
Thank you to our loyal customers for sticking with us throughout our travels to study the Hawaiian Natives. Angel Field’s food history research took place at the University of Hawaii, with the Native Hawaiians and Farmers themselves. I interview many Women’s Farmers like myself and learned so many secret farming skills, and different uses of historical farming tools. I event took pictures of Chickens waking around the Walmart Shopping center with their own Aloha Spirit. Yes the Chickens greeted me and stop to take a picture. This year we here at "Angel Field Farms" will seek to understand the “Cancer Fighting Fruits & Vegetables research by many Universities across the US on many of the Hawaii heirloom fruits and Vegetables, especially the Plant. But the Hawaiian Natives Knows the Secrets of their Natives Food Supply and will keep these farming and food secrets until they are recognized as Natives Americans. The Native Hawaiian Bill failure was a shocking reality to everyone, even me, that the Bill "did not" pass Congress. I researched this Bill footstep through Congress, with the help of a very nice and patience librarian in Honolulu, and we both cried a little because the Bill would have finally made them Natives Americans, but the Bill fall apart in Congress. The Spirit of the people was very different to me as they dealing with financial stresses but they still have the Aloha Spirit and a Smile on their faces. Thanks to the Students and the Hawaiian people with all their help.
I will complete my research and report my finding on our new website.

By Farmer Joyce Beggs
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