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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Thanks both of you and everyone else that took the time to look.
It took years to find this thing around where I live.
I think I will buy a brisket hot smoke it and then pressure cook it for a test run.
I sent a pictuer to the people I bought it from they were very happy it was back in use.
I hope their grandmother is looking down from heaven with pride that her old canner is running again.
Why am I so nostalgic and passionate about this stuff I have no idea.
My neighbor Henry liked it too.

Worth that thing is a thing of beauty! Great detective work too. I remember pressure cookers from when I was just a kid in the 50s 60s. I really like what you did to it. When we were kids my mom sent us over to an old lady's house to borrow some sugar and we noticed a mess of spaghetti hanging from her ceiling. My mom told us the lady's pressure cooker blew up! . I also like the fact that the bolt things are all metal. Looks like it was well made! Have fun with it.. Jimbo
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