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Default High Tunnel Vendor Experience

I have a NRCS high tunnel grant. I want to buy my first high tunnel to build in a month or so. I am wondering what vendor you may have used and what your experience was like on quality, documentation, and technical assistance.

I am in north carolina and suspect shipping cost precludes me from west coast vendors. I have had one quote from growspan/farmtek for a 30x72 gothic high tunnel with accessories coming in at $13K+ with truss kit and gutters and $1,525 for shipping. The tunnel itself was $7,500 with drop down sides.

I want to keep the price under the $10K grant amount so I will probably need to forgo accessories.

Also curious about how long it takes to put up a 30x72 gothic high tunnel with no accessories for two guys with a medium size tractor. Not much if any leveling to do.
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