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Originally Posted by imp View Post
Is he a breed known as a "Broken Rex" or maybe that is just a color pattern ( don't know that much about rabbits other than the usual)?

Does he take food from your hand? Prey animals can react to touch different than predators do.

Had a very young but litter trained broken rex rabbit in my semi (1970's) for almost a month, until I could get home and pass her along to a friend's daughter for an FFA project. At that time, had a dobe, a siamese cat and that bunny in a (thankfully) large walk in sleeper PB truck. The cat and bunny shared a litter box and the cat would get mad as the bunny did not cover up her "stuff", and verbally complain as he would cover the bunny leavings!
Too funny! I would love to see the cat's complaints! Siamese cats are sooo smart, and bossy, and verbal. That really sounds hilarious!
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