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I bought mine for $12 (plus shipping) from Greenhousemegastore. I bought 3 10 lb cubes plus some other stuff - shipping was $ tax.

So it came out to about $15 per cube....

I've used 2 cubes up so far; I thought it was great for germination - love the texture.

But, after germination when I transplanted I didn't have great root development; this was on cucumbers and melons (cantaloupe). OTOH, all the transplants did fine in their final maybe the lack of roots wasn't a deal breaker. Too late in the spring for tomatoes here in Florida.

On some of the germination, I added chunky perlite; but mostly nothing.

I did use it entirely in a container (with lots of chunky perlite) but it wasn't for tomatoes. Will check; either it was beta cukes or Minnesota midgets.

Other than germination, and the 1 container, I have been using it for final transplants in the container. So it is basically a peat based mix with the WS just around the plant. I've done this for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, melons. This seems to work really well.

I get ProMix for $40 local for the huge compressed bale. I think the Pro Mix ends up cheaper plus it needs lots less perlite. The chunkly perlite I buy it $31 for 4 cubic feet. I use a lot of perlite.

But the ProMix for seedlings is more buggy - (gnats). I swear the gnats are inside the promix.
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