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Okay, maybe I'll have time to enter the varieties before my break is up. I have been working nights since the tomato tasting and I work 12 hr shifts. so here it goes.

1 Reif Red Heart
2 Earls Faux (a disapointment really lacked flavor, early blight small fruit) Maybe next year?
3 Super Choice once again a super choice
4 Stupice always reliable
5 Lucky cross good taste but not spectatucalr this year had some very large fruit 2lb
6 Grace Lathran outstanding a work horse beautiful round pink fruit great taste
7 yellow ruffle novelty pretty lacks taste
8 Large pink bulgarian
9 snow white
10 Brandy wine cherry very good
11 Black cherry very good
12 Alaskan Fancy nothing fancy and bland taste
13 Rasp Large red
14 Tenn Britches huge fruit very good flavor awesome
15 Black Mountain Pink same as above
16 Nyagous excellent
17 Paul Robeson
18 tangella all fruit cracks but very good taste
19 Lumpy red, not really lumpy nice shape fruit excellent flavor
20Dagmas perfection outstanding
21 Illonois beauty, Merlyn Neidens created a terrific tomato here
22 Black pear
23 Wins all Great
24 Anna Russian
25 yoder's german yellow outstanding
26 German pink Outstanding Thanks Gary Millwood
27 Orange strawberry huge fruit great prodution outstanding taste
28 Druzba let me down this year
29 Akers West Va. Outstanding large red fuit great taste clean plant
30Tiffton Minnonite Outstanding large pink
31 Ky Beefstaek great flavor but two ribbed for a slicer makes a good juice tomato
32 Annas Noir excellent
33 Peach Blow Sutton good flavor excellent producer clean plant
34 lost label
35Livinston gold ball outstanding yellow salad tomato
36Lenny and Gracy"s yellow Outstanding
37 Big Beef, small fruit but good taste small plant hefty vines
38Hughes yellow Outstanding
39 Manyel very good
40 Old Kentucky Very good yellow beefsteak
41Germaid red
42Cherokee Chocolate, outstanding
43 Bulls Heart outstanding very large fruit and productive good taste for such a wispy plant same goes for Rief red Heart
44 Mariannas peace
45 Eva Purple Ball
46 Franks Large Red another thank you Gary outstanding
47Box car willie always great
48 Black Prince
49 Old fashioned ridge outstanding
50 Green Moldavan
51 Vincent Watts Large
52Hungrian Oval
53 Aunt Gerties Gold
54 Pale Perfect Purple excellent
55 Maxs LArge Green excellent
56 Hartman's yellow gooseberry
57 Green Gage much larger than I thought a great salad tomato
58 White Current
59 Cuban yellow grape
60 Hawaiian Current outstanding
61 Matts wild cherry super outstanding
62 Sara's Gallpagos outstanding
63 Dr. Carolyn #1 at the tasting cant sell yellow tomatos especially cherries but won many new converts on this one
64 South American wild cherry, bitter not a keeper
65 Redfield Beauty outstanding
66 Black Tom excellent Thanks again Gary
67 Noir de Crimme, grow this instead of black krim far superior to black krim
68 Tappy's heritage
69 Copia last year really lacks for two years in a row
70Elberta Peach what a surprize beautiful silver fuzzy plant oustanding production a good taste
71 White Queen very good
72 Jaune Negib
73 Basinga
74 Debbie very good a work horse and clean
75 Hermans yellow very good
76 Garden peach novelty
77Grosse Costrelee
78 Howard german
79 German head
80 Pink Ice
81Crimson Delight excellent
82 Heidi
83 Rio Grande excellent
84costa rico
85 German Johnson
86Opalka good taste but always problems for me
87 Aztec Beautiful productive and great taste
88 Amman Orange huge oustanding
89 Old german always great
90Bulgarian #7
91 Mermande
92 good old fashion red ,smaller than I thought
93 Lillian Yellow
94 Tigerella
95Break of Day outstanding
96 Rose Beauty, potato leaf from Bakers creek very good
97Big Rainbow very good
99 Mortgage lifter
100 Brandy wine Otv my plant is still loaded but fruit size is small 8 oz max but good flavor something happened
101Martina's Roma
102 Amish Gold outstanding 3years in a row
103Dr Wyches yellow
104 Kelloggs Beakfast
105 Granny cantrell outstanding
106 Dads sunset
107 Rose outstanding
108 Aunt rubys german cherry
109Williams Stripe
110 Great white

additional varieties I did not supply
Pink Lady
Bloddy Butcher outstanding 2nd best overall
Cherokeee purple

I did not have any judging maybe next year. The comments provided are my own. But as a whole many comments on Dr carolyn, Bloody Butcher and many of the ppalchian Heirlooms for size and taste. Thanks again to those who participated. Rodger
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